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Homework from March 6 to March 22

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Delivery date

The present perfect structure and use

Leonardo Soler

Construct the sentences with the verbs given in class and present it orally. 

Feb 7


Claudia Medina


March 15th 

Reading plan march 6th

Jaime Vasquez

Read from chapter one to five of the colombian novel: “El día del odio”. Prepare a report.

march 13th


march 4th

Jaime Vasquez

Read the second part of the book: “Discurso del método”. Prepare a glossary, and report. 

Software programming/

March 6th

Carlos Mateus

Upload the evidence of the complete Python course to the Drive

March 15th 

Graphic communication/ March 6th

Carlos Mateus

Upload the 5 covers to the drive developed in Adobe indesing

March 12th 

Graphic communication/ March 12th

Carlos Mateus

Design a comic where situations of school coexistence or disaster prevention are raised. The comic must be in English. Upload to the multimedia design folder. 

March 21th 

Reading plan

march 12th

Jaime Vasquez

Read Chapters 6, 8, 9 and 10 from “Dia del Odio” novel. Prepare a report.

March 19th

Reading plan

march 15th

Jaime Vasquez

Read the second part of the “Discourse on the Method” and prepare a glossary and report

march 22th